The test can be performed rapidly in any size room. Only one examiner is needed.


The Preschool SiGHT (Simple Glaser HOTV Test) Screening System was developed to facilitate rapid and accurate screening for reversible vision loss in young children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends screening monocular visual acuity during the pre-school years. The patented (6,652,101) Preschool SiGHT Screening System, developed by pediatric ophthalmologist , Stephen R. Glaser, MD, FAAP, is a practical preschool vision screening system that tests monocular visual acuity effectively screening for amblyopia.

Product Information:

Overview of System:

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The test can be performed rapidly in any size room. Only one examiner is needed. Any staff member should be able to perform the test. This facilitates easy screening of 3-5 year-olds during routine well child examinations. The test involves the use of the widely used HOTV letters (optotypes).

Single HOTV optotypes are found on the flip cards (spiral bound) arranged in three testing levels. The cards are shown to a child at one meter. A cord attached to the testing device measures the exact meter so the examiner can always re-check the distance if needed.

There are three levels of visual acuity measured per eye.

A child must pass the smallest level in each eye to pass.

A simple scorecard and flow-sheet is provided in the kit.

Comes as either Crowded or Uncrowded

Why we use an adhesive patch:

AAP guidelines require an adhesive patch. Anything less is not reliable. The Preschool SiGHT Screening System uses an occlusive patch, not allowing the child to cheat. A child with severe anisometropic amblyopia will be highly motivated to cheat when he has the normal eye occluded. The patch also frees up the hands of both the examiner and the child. The adhesive patch may first be applied to a cotton shirt to decrease the adhesiveness; however, the results may not be valid if a non-adhesive occluder is used.